About Us

We are a premium home owners solution that offers a wide range of services, to take care of all your home maintenance requirements.

Maintenance-oncall has been structured as a bridge between the client/property owner, and all the maintenance that comes with owning such property.

Maintenance-oncall has structured a number of packages to suite individual property owners needs. The packages are both

We also offer con-contract clients with similar high quality of work and complete peace of mind



To provide home owners with a one stop solution to all house maintenance.

Our Promise

  1. All building workmanship will be guaranteed for 48 months. And all  maintenance guaranteed for  12 months
  2. There is an interactive website www.maintenance–oncall.co.za for all communication.
  3. The company operates from a licensed office location


  1. We have a fully interactive website to handle all your queries, complaints and/or suggestions
  2. All completed work is inspected by certified personnel
  3. Electrical certificates of compliance can be issued by the technicians upon request.
  4. Company has members with certificates of compliance for the plumber and electricians
  5. Company is NHBRC certified