• For gardening, a schedule shall be issued to the client indicating the days for the visits. Should the client not be available they should give at least a 24 hr. notice failure to which will render the visit done.
    • The number before the service indicates the number of visits per month.


    • There will be no call out fee charged.
    • No plumbing, Electrical or DSTV maintenance will be done without prior approval from the client.
    • All maintenance work shall exclude material or fittings to be purchased. Should the client want maintenance-oncall to procure the material / fittings a charge of R 5 per km from the premises to the point of purchase shall be charged and added to the material / fitting invoice.
    • Upon exhausting of monthly visits, an hourly rate of R100 shall be charged for more visits.
    • Should the client opt to purchase the fitting/material required, maintenance-oncall will not be held liable for wrongful purchase and extra hourly rates shall come to effect should the allocated time be exhausted. Maintenance-oncall shall also not offer any material or fitting guarantees for such purchases.
    • All Maintenance work shall be valid for a maximum of 3 hours after which R100 / hour shall be charged.
    • All workmanship carries a guarantee of 12 months.
    • It is the responsibility of the client to call should there be a need for maintenance.
    • Maintenance-oncall will call the client every month to check on the status of the property, and frequently make an appointment to visit the property for checkup. The said visit shall not affect the client’s monthly visits.
    • There will be no carrying forward to the following month for un-used call / visits.
    • All maintenance work logged in after 4 pm shall be attended to the following day unless its an emergency maintenance.
    • Emergency work shall be ( Total black-outs , Burst geysers, lack of hot water) and shall be attended to in an hour .
    • FOR ALL MAINTENANCE CALLS PLEASE CALL 084 874 7797 /  071 101 2770


    • Even though maintenance-oncall does not hold the client to a fixed contract a months notice prior to termination shall be required.
    • The client shall sign the call log on every visit to indicate the visits per month and the works satisfactorily completed.


    • All statements shall be sent on the 20th of every month and all payment should be done by the last day of every month.
    • For all financial queries please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or call  011 038 11 68
    • It is the responsibility of the client to make sure that the statement sent is correct including all invoices of possible work done prior to the end of the month as payment will be expected then.
    • All clients will be issued a reference number please quote the number while making payment.